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Event Ideas

While we continue to pursue opening a physical location it makes it difficult to host events. However, that does not deter us from coming up with ideas of events to host. Here are a few that we have brainstormed already.

Sport Night

If you are anything like us you are probably tired of going to a sports bar only to find out that they severely lack a quality craft beer selection, especially on draft. If that wasn’t bad enough they also are over packed and over extended. We intend on taking it back to the basics. Enjoy your favorite craft beer while enjoying some simple bar food. There is no need to complicate what already works so well, beer; sports; and food.

Beer Brewing Class

This will be a closed event where we will allow people to register to come to our store and get trained by a brewmaster from one of our partner breweries. The purpose of the class will be to allow individuals who have always wanted to try their hand at brewing their own beer but didn’t know where to start or how to proceed get the guidance they need. We take the guess work out of it for you by making sure the required supplies are available, step by step instructions can be given, and a trained professional will be available to guide you and answer any questions you may have. This class will be focused on helping people get started brewing their own beer but it can also provide the novice brewer an opportunity to hone and advance their skills.

Beer Pairing

What? You thought alcohol and food pairing was only for wine? We will show people who love craft beer or want to learn more about it that there is so much more than just “drink it.” What many people tend to miss out on is how much the right beer can compliment certain foods. Even more importantly people can make the mistake of taking a good beer and ruin the taste of good food or vice-versa. We will be hosting events that will provide people the opportunity to experience how the flavor of a beer can take on a whole new characteristic when paired properly with food and what happens when not.

Beer Festivals

This is an ambitious goal and will take some time to get sorted (rules, regulations, red tape, etc.). However, that will not stop us from continuously pushing towards the goal of hosting a beer festival. These festivals will be provide consumers an opportunity to try a large range of beers while enjoying a energetic social environment. They will also give brewers an opportunity to showcase new beers that may never hit the shelves of any retail store. I feel it goes without saying that when you take something as great as craft beer and enjoyable as a festival you are destined for an amazing day.