Availability: October – January

ABV: 8.3%

Appearance: Dark brown to black color with a cinnamon head

Aroma: Pronounced coffee aroma

Taste: Smooth start with an apparent coffee flavor and subtle chocolate

Mouthfeel: Smooth, a little heavier

Perceived Bitterness: Despite the 60 IBUs it is not as bitter as you would expect

Aftertaste: The bitterness, which is from the bitter chocolate they use, comes in on the finish and given the heavier consistency it coats the inside of your mouth allowing it to linger longer than other beers might.


In hopes to provide people with ideas of what types of beer we like to drink and why we have started a “Beer of the Month” blog that we hope will be fun to read and give you new ideas of beers to go and try for yourself.

The winter happens to be my favorite time of the year because it is when porters and stouts become very popular in retail establishments and they happen to be my two favorite types of beer. You will find a greater stock of these types of beer in the winter time because they are considered “heavier” beers and are easier to drink in the colder climates. I do not want that to sound like they cannot be enjoyed any other time of the year. However, it is socially accepted that lighter beers with fruitier flavors dominate the warm weather months.

So, what beer did I choose for December? Founders Breakfast Stout. I tend to like a beer that has a bolder flavor and lingers after each sip. Founders Breakfast Stout is an oatmeal stout that does not disappoint. It has a very smooth coffee flavor¬† with a hint of chocolate. This is the type of beer that could be enjoyed either cold or at room temperature. This makes it fitting of the name “Breakfast” stout.

Founders Breakfast Stout is brewed by Founders Brewing Co (shocker I know….) in Grand Rapids, MI. True to American style stouts it has an assertive perceived bitterness (brewed with 60 IBUs) and is dark brown to black in color. Where Founders Breakfast Stout breaks the mold is they took what is traditionally a normal to elevated ABV and raised the bar to High with an impressive 8.3% This means that while it is a smooth, refreshing, and easy to drink beer it should be handled with nothing but respect. Otherwise, you may find yourself taking an early nap.